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Banknotes are not made from wood, they are produced from materials like cotton or hemp.


Papier pakowy :: BAG-DRUK

Wrapping papers-rolled

Rolled paper - white or brown paper with basis weight of 40g/m2. We offer white paper for grocery stores, candy stores and bakeries for packaging grocery goods, and brown paper for car paint shops and tailor shops. The paper is used to protect elements of the car bodies and for the lagging process.

Standard widths of rolled papers:

- white:

  • 50cm (10 KG)

- brown:

  • 30cm (5 KG)
  • 60cm (10 KG)
  • 90cm (15 KG)
  • 150cm (40 KG)
  • 160cm (40 KG)
  • 164cm (40 KG)

In order to fulfill the clients' expectations we can cut the paper into pieces having appropriate roll width, roll diameter and weight.