Did you know...
Paper was discovered by Tsai Lun in 105 year in China.


Folded bags

Folded bags

  • confectionery products,
  • bakery goods,
  • fried chicken,
  • hamburgers,
  • grilled cheese baguettes,
  • medicines,
  • alcohol, etc.

Thin paper, high quality overprints and a PP window thanks to which one can see the content of the bag make our products more esthetic and fancy. Moreover, they protect the product against drying up and loss of freshness. Bags most frequently used in bakeries, confectioneries and hypermarkets. Bags with a PP window can be used to pack warm bread without making it mist over.

We offer bags made of white or brown paper with basis weight between 30 g/m2 to 80 g/m2 which can have an up to 6 colors flexographic overprint made with the use of CMYK technology and a PP window made of perforated or non-perforated foil.

Folded bag with a PP PANORAMA window.

A bag made with the use of new technology.
The PP window is wider than in the standard bags and includes two side folds.
Thanks to that a product in the bag is better visible.

Other types of offered bags are:

  • Folded bags HALF-PANORAMA, one of the side folds is in the PP window
  • Folded bags with a PP WINDOW
  • Folded bags STANDARD, made wholly of paper
  • Flat bag, also called envelope bag, most frequently used in drug stores and haberdasheries to pack medicines, buttons and as an envelope.
  • Hot dog, kebab and burger bags.

All the above-mentioned bags can be made with an individual overprint of a client containing up to 6 colors of the highest quality!

We produce bags of a width between 100mm and 320mm and a height between 170mm and 760mm. We have standard sizes presented in the sizes_bags_folded.pdf file, however, in order to fulfill the clients’ requirements, we can adapt the sizes of the bags to their needs.

Folded bag standard

  • a - Bag width [mm]
  • b - Fold width [mm]
  • c - Bag height along with the bottom flap [mm]

Flat bag

  • a - Bag width [mm]
  • b - Bag height [mm]

Folded bag with a PP window

  • a - Bag width [mm]
  • b - PP window width [mm]
  • c - Fold width [mm]
  • d - Bag height along with the bottom flap [mm]

Ordering conditions:

  • Orders with individual overprint are fulfilled from 3000 pieces.
  • The bags are packed collectively, 1000 pieces in one package.
  • The price is for one package (i.e. 1000 pieces).
  • Order processing lasts about 3 weeks from the moment of accepting the project.
  • We offer our own transportation or courier services.