Since we bought new banding machine, we are able to separate bags in packets of 50 or 100 pcs. Especially we recommend this solution for those of you who appreciate convenience and aesthetics.

The newest among packaging solution!

I would like to present the new kind of bags - TRANSPARENT. Thanks to special paper, the product which is packed in bag is more visible. The paper fulfill all safety functions as standard one.

Offer extention

Thanks to purchasing a new machine, which is cutting and printing machine in line, we may offer to you paper sheets in requested size and printed in 4 colours.

Advanced technology allows to cut paper with the basis weight of the paper from 10 to 250g/m2. What is more, our offer has extended and now you may find film cutting and roll by roll printing in the offer.

Precision and reliability of the new machine guarantee high quality products!

Looking forward to you cooperation!
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