Did you know...
The first method of paper manufacturing was based on cooking cotton rags and later drawing fibres from the brew. Fibres linked with each other during drying on the sun, creating the paper sheet.


Paper Sacks

Paper Sacks - paper, block bags with big dimensions for collective packaging. We offer two- and three-layer paper sacks.

The basic sizes are as follows:

  • 400x200/700
  • 400x200/870
  • 320x160/500
  • 320x160/700

(bag width x fold width / height) [mm]

We offer a possibility to print the sacks over in 2 colors. Ordering conditions:

Ordering conditions:

  • Orders with individual overprint are fulfilled from 1000 pieces.
  • In one package there are 25 sacks.
  • The price is for one piece.
  • The order processing lasts 4 weeks from the moment of accepting the project.
  • We offer our own transportation or courier services.