Did you know...
In 1445 J. Gutenberg discovered moving types for printings.


Paper Sacks

Paper Sacks - paper, block bags with big dimensions for collective packaging. We offer two- and three-layer paper sacks.

The basic sizes are as follows:

  • 400x200/700
  • 400x200/870
  • 320x160/500
  • 320x160/700

(bag width x fold width / height) [mm]

We offer a possibility to print the sacks over in 2 colors. Ordering conditions:

Ordering conditions:

  • Orders with individual overprint are fulfilled from 1000 pieces.
  • In one package there are 25 sacks.
  • The price is for one piece.
  • The order processing lasts 4 weeks from the moment of accepting the project.
  • We offer our own transportation or courier services.