Now, we ale able to band our products to make your distribution easier, more comfortable and aesthetic.

About us

The beginnings of BAG-DRUK date back to the 1990s. The company was established by two friends on September 4th, 1992. At first, the company’s seat was a small building at Długosza Street in Łódź. The main activity of the company was the production of paper bags and wholesale of paper. In the first years of its activity, the company owned a machine which allowed production of cross bottom bags from 0.5 to 1KG. This machine was equipped with a two-color printer. The main recipients of the products were the "PSS Społem" co-operatives, about 10 wholesalers from the neighboring provinces and individual recipients from the areas near Łódź.

The next purchase was a machine for production of bags between 0.25 and 2KG which helped to extend the range of offered products. It was also connected with an increase of employment and an increase of recipients number. As a result of a constant development the company’s seat was moved in 1994 to Brukowa Street in Łódź where it had a production and storing surface almost five times as big as in the previous one. For that new place further machines were bought, among others a cross sheeter and in 1995 the company invested in a machine for block bag production. It gained new clients using bags for automated packaging.

Soon, along with a rapid development of the company construction of a production plant was started at Hodowlana Street in Łódź where now the seat of the company is located. The new building, bigger storing surfaces and ability to develop allowed to invest in production of a new type of a product – folded bags. The machine park was enriched with a paper cutting machine – a bobbing cutting machine. The transportation sector was also developed by investment in a new truck and warehouse equipment, forklift trucks or reach trucks.

Thanks to EU support, the company bought in 2005 a new machine Holweg RS-26 used for production of PP window bags equipped with a four-color printer. Thanks to this, the company gained new big recipients from Poland and from abroad. An increasing interest in the company’s products as well as export development contributed to a purchase of a new innovative line for window folded bags with an Matador NG 6-color overprint. Since 2011, BAG-DRUK has been the only Polish producer of PP-panoramic window folded bags!

BAG-DRUK constantly cares for attractiveness, quality and broadening of the available offer. The development of the company is the most important element of the company’s business strategy.

"The most important goal of our company is to strive for satisfaction of our clients and mutual benefit of cooperation with us."

Best regards,
the owners
Sławomir Jasiaczyk, Ryszard Jodko