Did you know...
The first method of paper manufacturing was based on cooking cotton rags and later drawing fibres from the brew. Fibres linked with each other during drying on the sun, creating the paper sheet.


Wrapping papers

Wrapping paper - paper in sheets for packing groceries, confectionery, etc. The standard sizes of the papers are as follows:

  • 40x60cm 10 KG packed
  • 40x30cm 5 KG packed
  • 70x100cm
  • 100x130cm

At the request of the client we offer printing over the paper in 5 colors and cutting it into pieces of indicated size.

We offer various types of paper:

  • newsprint - a cream-colored paper with basis weight of 45g/m2; it has small mechanical resistance and is very popular because of its low price, widely used
  • kraft paper (bleached) - snow-white paper with basis weight of 35, 40 g/m2, it is characterized by high mechanical resistance and extreme whiteness; it is used in confectionery industry for packaging confectionery.
  • silicone paper - it is a grease resistant paper, covered with silicone on both sides thanks to which it does not stick to baking semi-products and baked goods; it is used for covering baking tins which helps to save time and detergents used for washing them; it is resistant to high temperature and maintains its qualities; it can be used many times and was invented in order to make the bakers' work easier
  • covered with foil - covered with PE foil on one side; it joins the qualities of a paper and foil; hard to recycle, it is grease and moist resistant and is used to pack meat, cheese, fish, etc.
  • natron (not bleached) - brown paper with basis weight from 40g/m2 up to 100g/m2, used mainly as a wrapping paper in various industries
  • Rolled paper