Did you know...
Banknotes are not made from wood, they are produced from materials like cotton or hemp.


Wrapping papers

Wrapping paper - paper in sheets for packing groceries, confectionery, etc. The standard sizes of the papers are as follows:

  • 40x60cm 10 KG packed
  • 40x30cm 5 KG packed
  • 70x100cm
  • 100x130cm

At the request of the client we offer printing over the paper in 5 colors and cutting it into pieces of indicated size.

We offer various types of paper:

  • newsprint - a cream-colored paper with basis weight of 45g/m2; it has small mechanical resistance and is very popular because of its low price, widely used
  • kraft paper (bleached) - snow-white paper with basis weight of 35, 40 g/m2, it is characterized by high mechanical resistance and extreme whiteness; it is used in confectionery industry for packaging confectionery.
  • silicone paper - it is a grease resistant paper, covered with silicone on both sides thanks to which it does not stick to baking semi-products and baked goods; it is used for covering baking tins which helps to save time and detergents used for washing them; it is resistant to high temperature and maintains its qualities; it can be used many times and was invented in order to make the bakers' work easier
  • covered with foil - covered with PE foil on one side; it joins the qualities of a paper and foil; hard to recycle, it is grease and moist resistant and is used to pack meat, cheese, fish, etc.
  • natron (not bleached) - brown paper with basis weight from 40g/m2 up to 100g/m2, used mainly as a wrapping paper in various industries
  • Rolled paper